Business Briefing: Stay productive even with distractions and overload


Too much to do and not enough focus to do it? Check out these productivity tips.

  1. Stay Focused with Microchanges

If you’re among the many entrepreneurs who are easily distracted you need to know this trait is not a deficit – it’s one that that should be leveraged! In a recent Entrepreneur article, Chris Carter shares Focus Tips he learned from shooting a sniper rifle, including making microchanges. A big project broken down into smaller tasks bypasses boredom because the tasks change as progress is made.

  1. Stop Multitasking

Are you ready to get off the multitasking merry-go-round? The Kanban method used by Toyota can be adopted for personal use. You’ve got to go old school for this one, though. On a board where you can post multiple cards or Post-it notes, create three columns: Options, Doing, and Done. Focus on the middle column, Doing, and have no more than three items here at a time. Read more on Quartz.

  1. Walk to Boost Productivity

Sometimes the best thing to boost productivity is to get away from your desk with a walking meeting. Inc. says the best times are right before lunch and late in the afternoon. We started walking meetings at Consumers this spring and found they really do inject more energy into our ideas and work!

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