Eight questions to ask yourself to avoid scams and fraud


While some attempts at fraud are blatantly obvious, others are sneakier—and can prove extremely devastating.

When you’re searching online for a great deal or evaluating an offer you’ve received in the mail or electronically, here are eight questions to ask yourself when you’re unsure of its legitimacy.

1. Does the reward (or payment) make sense for the task involved?

2. Is this offer out of the ordinary?

3. Does this offer require sending money to someone (or a business) that I was previously unfamiliar with?

4. Is the ad soliciting for a “secret shopper” (a frequent scam tactic)?

5. Do the funds originate from an offer on Craigslist?

6. Am I being asked to return money via wire transfer, Western Union, or other methods?

7. Does the offer specify that I’m not to tell my credit union or bank about the origins of the money?

8. Does the offer sound too good to be true? (If so, it probably is.)

Common sense is your first line of defense when identifying a scam. If you ever need help determining whether an offer is legitimate or fraudulent, we’re here to help protect your money and your personal information. Call us at 800.991.2221 or stop by any of our convenient locations to speak with an experienced Member Service Representative.


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