Friday Five Business Briefing – October 5, 2018


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Here’s news that you need to help you run your business better, including the state of West Michigan’s labor market, how to onboard better and the perk employees really want.

  1. Where is the regional labor market headed? —You’ll find out in the the West Michigan Talent Assessment and Outlook released by Talent 2025. Their researchers did a deep dive with focus groups to assess the current state of our region’s talent pool. Plus, they share how employers are attempting to attract and retain talent. Get the complete report
  2. Three goals every HR team should have when developing an onboarding program — The time between an employee’s acceptance of a job offer and when they’re fully assimilated is critical for both new employees and organizations. Learn more about onboarding goals that can help your company deliver against its strategic goals.
  3. The perk employees like more than snacks and treadmill desks — Business Insider reports that employees want access to natural light and views of the outdoors. Find out why natural light is the most popular perk of all.
  4. You’ve invested in your business, now invest in yourself — Entrepreneurs who want to prevent burnout and stay on top of their game must invest in four things: their own professional development, relationships, emotional well-being and physical health. Read more and become a healthy role model for your employees.
  5. Take doodling to a higher level — If you like desk toys, get your hands on the $27 pen that lets you draw physical objects in midair. The Canbor 3D Printing Pen uses the same plastic used in 3D printers and allows you to draw freehand.

Thank you to our Friday Five sources: Talent 2025, Inc., Business Insider, Entrepreneur and BGR.

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