New denominations offered at upgraded ATMs


A Consumers Credit Union Drive-Up ATM

We hope everyone is liking our sleek new ATMs that are being upgraded in all our drive thrus. If you haven’t noticed, they are capable of handing out more than $20 bills. In fact, you can get $5s and $100s (in addition to $20s).

Right now the machines are programmed to give out the least amount of bills in any given transaction. So, if you’ve requested $160, you’ll get 1-$100 and 3-$20s. If you would prefer to not receive a Benjamin Franklin, you’ll need to request $120 or less at one time. We are working with our machine vendor on an upgrade that will allow you to pick the denominations you desire, but that feature is several months out yet.

You should also know the ATM at our old headquarters at Stadium and 8th Street now offers extended teller service as an option for those who may be interested in additional banking options.

For more information or questions about the upgrades, please call 800.991.2221 or stop in any of our features.

Federally insured by NCUA

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  1. Michael N. says:

    Another great option for all members.

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