Redeem your credit card rewards to make a difference


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Redeem your rewards

To learn how to redeem your points for gifts cards, goods or to support charities, click here.

Turn your points in to buy things for yourself or others

If you’re a frequent user of your Consumers Mastercard® Rewards card, you know that you earn one point for every dollar spent. You can redeem your rewards for electronics, home goods, movies, games and more—including gift cards to places like Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, Speedway, Target and numerous other restaurants and retail shops.

If you find you’re in a tough financial spot right now, it might be a great time to see if you can convert some of your points into gift cards to purchase groceries, gas and other necessities.

To learn how to redeem your points, click here.

Turn your points into cash for a cause

If you’re able to lend a helping hand, you can also donate your points to charities by purchasing “Charity Choice” gift cards within the rewards site.

Upon redemption, you will receive a card with a code. You’ll visit the Charity Choice website for instructions on how to select the charities to receive your donation using your code. (You will need to create a login the first time.) Up to three charities can be selected from the designated list, and you may allocate your donation dollars as you wish. See the available charities here.

A tax acknowledgement letter will be sent when you complete your selection of charities. (Please consult with your tax advisor as to whether this qualifies as a charitable contribution.)

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Redeem your rewards

To learn how to redeem your points for gifts cards, goods or to support charities, click here.

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  1. Michael bacon says:

    I would like to get a prepaid credit card?

    • ConsumersCU says:

      Hi Michael, we offer them through credit card reward points. Give us a call at 800.991.2221 so we can help you redeem your credit card points.

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