Simple ways to give your come curb appeal


Making the outside of your home welcoming to prospective buyers can up its value, but even if you’re not planning to sell your home in the near future, giving your home an outdoor update can be worth the work. It feels good to come home to a beautiful house at the end of the day.

A few simple projects can go a long way toward giving your home curb appeal. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Repaint the whole house or update the trim

A new color of paint can totally change your house’s appearance. If yours has gotten weatherworn, you’ll want to repaint the entire exterior. If you’re just looking to give the outside more accent, though, consider changing the color of your trim or your front door for a less costly alternative.

Give a splash of color with flowers

Just clearing out the clutter from your garden or flower boxes can give your house a fresh look. Start by removing dead plants and laying down fresh mulch. Don’t have a green thumb or the time to devote to a full garden? Try potted plants on your porch or near the door for a less maintenance intensive solution.

Add statement lighting

Changing out harsh spotlights for decorative light fixtures adds a finished touch to your home’s exterior. You can also add lighting along your driveway or the walkway to your front door. If you choose solar lights, you won’t even need to do any wiring.

Replace your mailbox and house numbers

If you live in town, you can change out your house numbers and the mailbox next to your door to match your style—be it more colorful or traditional. If your box is out by the street, you can get even more creative. Try surrounding the post with flowers that won’t get in the way of mail delivery, but will add a touch of charm to your yard.

Show your creative side

Too much yard art can be overwhelming, and it’s not a look that most buyers will appreciate. But adding one statement object, such as a nice bench beneath a tree, a pretty wind chime, or a tasteful sculpture will add a nice personal touch to your yard.


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