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Better rates and quick answers are just two reasons Ric Slauter chose Consumers for his mortgage.

When Ric Slauter needed a mortgage for his second home this spring, he started searching where many people would start—with the lender that financed his first home.

“The mortgage on my first house is with an online mortgage company. They live up to their name as fast, but I ran into some bumps in road,” Ric said. Mainly with rates and service.

Lower rates at Consumers

“The online company makes a big deal about their rates, but Consumers beat the pants off them!” he said. In fact, the company quoted an interest rate of 3.4% while Consumers offered a lower rate of 3.25%. “Not only did Consumers lower my interest rate, but they saved me more money in closing costs.”

Also, trying to figure out who could solve an issue at the online provider was a challenge. “It would take two or three phone calls to figure out who to talk to.”

Frustrated, Ric turned to Consumers. “Consumers is my principal financial institution. It’s my nature to keep my money as close to home as I can. When given the opportunity, I prefer to deal locally,” he said.

5-second answers

Very quickly he noticed how much smoother things went with Consumers. “Every time I called Brad [Wyant], my loan officer, he knew the answer to every question. Within five seconds I had an answer.”

Plus, he said, “My money does less for me and my community at a large national firm versus right here at the credit union.”

“My money is staying home this time. It’s very important to me [to bank locally]. It benefits the individual, your community, your neighbors. It can most directly affect your quality of life and happiness,” Ric said. If he decides to refinance his first home he says he’ll choose Consumers for that too.

For Ric, a senior director of drug metabolism research at MPI Research, the difference in mortgage service and rates was “a pleasant surprise.” The local, single point of contact made getting his mortgage easy. Ric can count on this quality of service for the life of his loan, too, because Consumers has a long history of serving the community.

“It was a real pleasure working with Ric and being a part of his success,” said Brad, Ric’s mortgage loan officer at Consumers.

“Many online lenders are great at advertising, but they can fall short when it comes to providing great service. Being able to ensure our members get the best deal possible is something I take great pride in as a local lender.”

“The whole process went very smoothly”

“The whole process went very smoothly, and Brad was great to work with. I highly recommend Consumers Credit Union for all your mortgage needs!” he said.

Thanks for choosing us for your mortgage, Ric! Local, commonsense decisions and competitive rates are two of our favorite ways to serve members. We’re honored to be your lender of choice!

To apply online with Brad, visit www.consumerscu.org/Brad.

Consumers helps more than 1,000 members finance land, homes and home improvement projects each year. When you need a mortgage or home equity line of credit, call us at 800-991-2221. We’re here to help you get the home of your dreams!

Rates stated are historical. Actual rates may vary based on credit history, term and collateral. All loans subject to approval.

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