Don’t forget to do these top 6 things:

  1. Use your same username and password as before for your initial login. If you have trouble, give us a call at 800.991.2221. Remember, your username and password will be the same to log in (though you’ll be asked to update). Here are guides for existing users and new users.
  2. Re-download the Mobile App. Apple users will simply need to update their app in the iOS App store. Android users will need to uninstall their current app and download the new app in the Google Play store.
  3. Reset your email and text alerts. You’ll automatically receive some security notices (like when a new device logs into your account). But, otherwise, you can pick and choose between a whole host of other notifications regarding withdrawals, deposits and weekly balance updates—and NEW alerts geared around card controls. View our guide on alerts here.
  4. Reset your electronic bills in Bill Pay. Your payees and recurring payments will have transferred over, but you will need to reset up any electronic bills (eBills). (This is because the passwords to other websites—like your electric company’s—won’t transfer for security reasons.) Here are tips on how to add/edit payees, set up an eBill and how to pay a bill.
  5. Reset your external accounts and transfers. Internal transfers and your loans paid from outside accounts should be transferred over, but any other external transfers need to be re-established. (This is specifically referring to if you set up a separate account—e.g., another financial institution—in our system, it will need to be re-established.) Check out these guides for help: set up an external account; set up an external transfer; transfer to a loan; transfer to a deposit account; set up a recurring transfer.
  6. Personalize your dashboard and explore all there is to see and do! Whether you choose to customize your dashboard or set up a savings goal, there are a bunch of new features and tools to check out. Check out the overview of the new features here.


What about business members?

  1. Reset your connection to QuickBooks. Here are some guides to reference.
  2. Re-establish your sub-users. The admin will need to log in and re-add the additional account users. See how to set up additional users and new entitlement options in this guide.
  3. Reset your ACH templates. Consult this guide if you have troubles or email our business services team here.