Business Member Spotlight: Marty Webber diversifies for business strength


Tattoo shop owner Marty Webber diversifies his business portfolio by opening an auto repair shop with financing from Consumers.

Marty Webber believes you should never pigeon-hole your business.

“You should always have something to fall back on,” he told us. So even though he has a partnership that runs two very successful tattoo shops – Art and Soul Tattoo in Portage and Body Armor Tattoo in Kalamazoo – he recently opened W&W Autobody in Mattawan.

“The auto shop does all body repairs and rust repairs,” Marty explained. “And of course, in Michigan, there’s always the damage done as a result of ice and deer collisions.”

Getting a business loan with ease

Marty and his business partner turned to Consumers to finance the purchase of the Body Armor Tattoo building back in 2015 after his former bank let him down.

“It was like pulling teeth to get a hold of them for my loan.”

At Consumers, “everyone is very personable,” and Marty was able to get both answers and money quickly. Now, Consumers is financing the purchase of his auto shop building.

“When I talked to Shannon [my business development manager], she was nothing but helpful. She made the loan process painless. Kristina [my lending officer] helped me get a home equity loan to make the down payment on the commercial loan,” Marty said.

“When I needed an additional $25,000 for a parking lot that was required, they were great at getting everything done.”

Part of the loan will be used to build a pole barn to expand the shop.

In addition to financing his commercial buildings at Consumers, Marty has transferred his accounts for the two tattoo shops as well.

“I recommend Consumers all the time!” Marty said. “It’s because of the ease of dealing with anything from regular banking to a loan at a credit union. Everything is pretty smooth.”

“Marty has done a remarkable job of growing his tattoo business over the years,” said Webber’s Business Development Manager Shannon. “We are truly honored to serve Marty and his team here at Consumers, and we look forward to partnering with him on the autobody shop!”

Congratulations on your grand opening, W&W Autobody! We’re proud to have as a part of our Consumers family and our community. You can get the latest news about W&W Autobody from Art and Soul Tattoo and Body Armor Tattoo.

View our video about Body Armor Tattoo here.

If you want to bank with folks who care about your business as much as you do, call us at 800-991-2221. We’re here to help you grow!

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