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For owners who know they don’t know it all

MasterMind Business Coach Scott Goss guides business owners to better performance. He also loves to share the business resources he has discovered at Consumers!  

In 2005, Scott Goss made a big move – he decided to become the business coach he could have used when he bought his first business.

In 1989, Scott bought a Cellular One agency. He ran the business and found that being an owner was very different from the nine years he worked in public accounting and as CFO of a small company.

Owners are responsible for everything. Sales. Marketing. Payroll. Accounting. Operations. Systems development. Hiring. Managing. For 15 years he did it all.

From owner to coach

“I realized how much better my business could have been if I would have had a coach. Someone who could have occasionally ‘walked’ alongside me and held me accountable,” he said. So, after he sold his share of the agency to his partners, he became an Action Coach franchisee and business coach.

“I work with owners who have been in business a while and are not where they want to be. They know they should be doing better. They know they don’t know it all, so they seek help,” Scott said.

Business coaches are not immune to market conditions, however. In 2010, the economic conditions led to a major downturn in Scott’s business. At the same time his franchise agreement was up for renewal, so he let his franchise go.

That ending became a new beginning. After his non-compete expired, he got back to coaching. In 2012, Scott formed MasterMind Business Coaching. He describes his method as “the culmination of all the things I had learned the last 13 years.” This included Action Coaching, books and study, as well as his personal experience.

“Some people coach as a sideline or part-time job,” said Scott, “This is my only job.

“Plus, I was a business owner from 1989 until 2004. I’ve sat on the other side of the desk; I know what it’s like.”

Today, Scott specializes in helping business owners who:

  • work too much,
  • can’t find and keep good people,
  • struggle with leading their team, and
  • know their business could be doing so much better

MasterMind teams up with Consumers

One-way Scott serves Grand Rapids business owners is through MasterMind QCombine events. These facilitated sessions are hosted over breakfast or lunch. Each session gives attendees the opportunity to get to know other business owners on a personal level, plus an opportunity learn and share their wisdom.

Consumers sponsors these invite-only events that provide business owners with sound insights and advice. They’re held four times a year and no selling is allowed.

“Scott has created an elite group of business owners and trusted advisors that have helped me grow both personally and professionally and I couldn’t be more thankful,” said Consumers Grand Rapids Vice President Adam Leavesley.

“I thoroughly enjoy Scott’s QCombine,” added Consumers Business Development Manager Jeremy Prins. “We discuss ways to improve as leaders, challenges we face and other relevant topics. Scott’s ‘no selling allowed’ rule is key to a real honest discussion.”

(Interested in attending the MasterMind QCombine? Fill out an online application. Scott interviews and vets guests. Those selected are strategically seated by individuals he believes you should get to know. The only cost is your time and the price of your meal.)

Consumers’ sponsorship of QCombine is a natural extension of MasterMind Business Coaching’s banking relationship.

“I like doing business with people who do business with me,” Scott said.

He also likes having a trusted banking ally he can direct others to.

An outstanding banking and business resource

“Consumers is an outstanding resource for me, and I refer my clients to them,” Scott said. “For example, a client needed $750,000 for a new building. Consumers went the extra mile. They were flexible on terms and willing to work with my client. Plus they allowed him to do part of the build-out himself.

“Consumers was willing to look at the total picture for collateral. They considered his investment properties rather than limiting their valuation strictly to business assets.”

There’s no financial incentive for Scott to refer Consumers. So why make referrals? He said, “I want to see my clients getting taken care of, and I know Consumers will do that.”

“There are a lot of resources and knowledge at Consumers that most of us in business aren’t tapping into. [Business Development Managers] Adam and Jeremy know the ins and outs. Lynne [Jarman-Johnson, chief marketing officer] is also a tremendous resource.”

The “quality of the people and how they care for people” are the primary reasons Scott banks at Consumers.

“I’ve done banking at a different credit union in town, and it is different at Consumers. They’re willing to help, I’m not just an account number, and that makes them different.”

Building relationships to help you succeed is what our business development managers do best. Call 800-991-2221. We’re here to help you grow your business!


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