How to transfer your balances

Step one: Open a new credit card

View your credit card options, and apply for the one you want here.

Step two: Request the balance transfer deal of a "lifetime"

Your balance transfer request must be made through Online Banking. If you’re new to Online Banking, you’ll need to register to get started. Click the link here to begin. This how-to guide will help.

Once enrolled, here’s how to request a balance transfer:

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. On your main dashboard, click on the Credit Card tile.
  3. Click the Balance Transfer button.
  4. Complete the form and click Next to send off the information.

You should see the adjustment to your balance made within 24 hours.

View the complete how-to guide here.



*Introductory 6.99% APR is available for balance transfers on new personal credit cards processed within 45 days of account opening. The 6.99% APR balance transfer rate will apply to the balance transferred until it is paid in full. Balance transfers submitted after 45 days of account opening will receive your regular balance transfer rate (7.49% – 22.99% APR) and a fee of 4% of the amount of each transfer with a minimum of $5.00. Your regular card rate (11.49% – 22.99% APR) will apply to any other purchases made. Balance transfers will be processed as cash transactions and will incur finance charges immediately. The minimum payment will be applied to lowest rate balances first while all payments exceeding the minimum payment due each billing period will be applied to balances with higher APRs prior to balances with lower APRs. Balance Transfers may not be used to pay off credit cards or other loan accounts held with Consumers. Balance transfers do not earn reward points or cash back. For more information, please refer to your Truth-in-Lending statement or the Card Member Agreement accompanying your card. Approval subject to credit review. Rates, fees, and terms are subject to change and may be terminated at any time.