Human Resources
Banking and Money Management
Human Resources

Our human resources team is ready to share its secrets of our successful people initiatives and award-winning HR programs including:

  • Build A World-Class Wellness Program
  • Becoming the Best and Brightest Employer
  • Value of Succession Planning
  • Designing Employee Development Programs
  • Enhance Your Interview Skills
  • How to Build Your Resume
  • Build Engaged Teams Delivering Exceptional Sales and Service

Our Chief Marketing Officer Lynne Jarman-Johnson has shared her marketing know-how at conferences around the world. Her presentations include:

  • #What’s A Hashtag Anyway?
  • Brand Intimacy in the Digital World
  • Social Media is Customer Service
  • Selling Through Service
  • Setting up Social Service Teams
  • Simply Be Kind
Banking and Money Management

Our @Work and education teams make financial education fun! Trust us—it’s possible!

  • 5 Cs of Mortgage
  • Budgeting Basics
  • Credit Score, Reports and More
  • Home Financing—It’s in Your Reach
  • How to Reduce and/or Eliminate Debt
  • Financial Feud (a team quiz game)
  • #SliceOfLife Financial Reality Fair (an interactive budgeting experience for high school students)

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