Sticker Designs
Be Mine Consumers conversation hearts sticker
Skiing polar bear sticker
Snow globe sticker
Cozy blue and teal sweater sticker
Jack-o'-lantern sticker
Campfire sticker
August lighthouse sticker
Red, white and blue popsicle
Coral, white and blue pull-behind camper sticker
Light blue flowerpot with pink tulips
April #StickWithConsumersCU umbrella and rain boots sticker
Cheers! Green mug sticker
Vinyl coral mitten sticker
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February 2024

We would like to start a banking conversation with you!

January 2024 - Polar Bear

A polar bear skiing – why not?!

December 2023 - Snow Globe

It wouldn’t be winter without a little snow.

November 2023 - Cozy Sweater

Nothing is better than cuddling up with a warm blanket in a cozy sweater and cheering on your favorite team with friends and family.

October 2023 - Jack-o'-lantern

Gear up for the fall color tour in Michigan.

September 2023 - Campfire

Who doesn’t enjoy a good s’more over a campfire?

August 2023 - Lighthouse

Did you know there are 129 lighthouses in Michigan? We have the most lighthouses of any state in the U.S.

July 2023 - Popsicle

Nothing says summer better than a cold, sticky popsicle.

June 2023 - Camper

We know how you Michiganders love your camping!

May 2023 - Flowers

April showers bring May flowers, especially tulips if you’re in Holland.

April 2023 - Showers

Spring is here! Even if it’s raining—at least it’s not snow!

March 2023 - Cheers!

Raise a toast (we prefer root beer here) for the coming of spring!

February 2023 - Mittens

Cold hands, warm heart. We Michiganders know what it’s like to brave the freezing temperatures of a snowy Michigan winter, but mittens do help.