How to get started
Deposit $5.00 to open an account

The child’s Social Security number and a qualified parent or guardian are required to open a youth account at an office.

Piggy bank

Get your choice of Consumers piggy bank upon account opening.

Wimee Kids’ Savings Club card

Pick up a Wimee Kids’ Savings Club card to track your deposits and prizes.

Coloring book

Start learning with our Penny and Buck coloring book.

Enjoy Wimee videos

Learn all year long with videos from Wimee.

Already have an account?

Youth members 12 & under who already have a savings account can earn Wimee prizes, too, starting with their first new deposit in 2023.

Deposit money to earn prizes
When you come into an office in the future to add money (any amount) to your account, you can earn cool Wimee swag.

First deposit

Wimee Kids' Savings Club Sticker

Second deposit

Wimee Book

Third deposit

Wimee Plush