Consumers Credit Union Honored with 2023 Mastercard® Innovation Award

Consumers Operations Team smiles for the camera as they hold the 2023 Mastercard Innovation Award.

Kalamazoo, MICH — Consumers Credit Union was recently honored as the recipient of the Mastercard Innovation Award for a strategic initiative that significantly improved TellerPlus+ station wait times.

Over the last several years, Mastercard has recognized the impact of financial institutions on their local communities.

“This award is a testament to Consumers’ innovative culture, marketplace creativity and ultimately delivering value to your members,” said Fred Grigsby, Mastercard Community Institutions senior vice president. “The powerful work accomplished around the interactive teller’s strategic initiative was outstanding and Mastercard remains quite impressed with Consumers’ innovative culture. “

The Consumers TellerPlus+ interactive teller fleet is the largest in Michigan and among the top five largest in the nation with 116 stations, a footprint that continues to grow. These stations are utilized as a primary source of support in each Consumers office and in all drive thrus.

The Consumers TellerPlus+ stations are a cutting-edge resource that can help not only with simple transactions, but also with more complex banking services, including:

  • 24/7 cash access: withdraw, deposit and balance inquiries
  • Video support from real-life Consumers tellers
  • Extended banking hours (M-F 9 a.m. – 7 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.)
  • Open new accounts
  • Make loan and credit card payments
  • Ask account questions
  • Request Skip-A-Pay
  • Transfer money to another member
  • And much more!

In March 2021, the Consumers team identified a concern that members were experiencing lengthy wait times of an average one minute, 17 seconds. Upon investigation, it was determined the issue stemmed from the way calls were being routed to the teller team.

For example, if five members were trying to connect with a teller through the TellerPlus+ stations at once and five tellers were in a queue to assist those people, the first caller would enter the queue and wait for 10 seconds with a teller before passing to the next teller and so on. Only when the first call was answered would the second call enter the queue and repeat the same process. Ultimately it was realized that the limitations of the software was greatly contributing to long wait times.

The Consumers team quickly engaged with machine vendors NCR Corporation and Edge One regarding the concerns and worked alongside them for more than six months to update the software. Through collaborative innovation, a solution was devised and implemented so that the software allowed all calls to be presented to all available tellers at the same time.

In March 2022 the Consumers team launched the new software and member wait times decreased by more than a minute. As a result of the new program, current wait times are only 13 seconds.

“Consumers is always searching for ways to ‘Be the Solution,’” said Consumers Chief Officer of Operations Lindsay Land. “I’m so incredibly proud of our team’s work to find solutions and always striving to ensure a positive experience for our members.”

With more than 400 employees and 26 offices across Michigan, the Consumers commitment to culture has helped elevate its status as a top employer. Discover career opportunities to put your talent and passions to work while helping others by applying at ConsumersCU.org/careers.

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