Construction Loans

If you plan to build your dream home, a custom construction mortgage is the way to go. Whether you’re building a primary or secondary home, Consumers can provide construction loans up to 95% of the value.

Plus, you’ll benefit from:

  • One-time closing, which means less paperwork to sign and fewer closing fees.
  • Locking in your rate at the time of application for up to 12 months ­– even if interest rates rise while you’re building.
  • A low, fixed construction administration fee.
  • Quick builder approval process.

Upon completion of construction, your loan rolls over into a standard mortgage. It’s hassle-free because there’s no additional paperwork.

Land Loans

Like the pioneers of days gone by, you’re looking for a plot of land where you can build a home. Our vacant land loans help you secure your location as you prepare to build your future.

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Personal service from local lenders

Everything about loans at Consumers is done locally–including underwriting, processing and servicing. Throughout the construction loan process, a mortgage loan officer is your single point of contact. You’ll get the guidance and answers you need–when you need them–every step of the way.

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Savings Goal Calculator

Determine how soon that new house is going to be yours with our savings goal calculator.

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