Boo! The 5 scariest purchases you will ever make!


Three children in costumes holding sparklers near ceramic jack-o'-lanterns.

Halloween is right around the corner, and while the ghosts and ghouls hanging from the trees in your neighborhood may spook the kids, we know what freaks you out; big-ticket purchases. What scares people when making these decisions is the fear that they may be making the wrong choice, and they focus on the details to make the perfect decision… paralysis by analysis.

One way to help get past this fear is through education. When you do your homework, these purchases will feel more like Little Bo Peep and less like Frankenstein. To understand what scares us, check out this list of purchases that often give people a fright!

A House

No, we’re not talking about the haunted kind. This is probably the biggest purchase a person will make in their life, and with the proper guidance from industry professionals; it can be a painless one. At Consumers, we have Mortgage Loan Officers that can guide you through the process, and get you into the house that’s right for you. Our goal is to make sure that the finances make sense for you; it’s that simple.

Car Loan

It seems that buying a car is equally a great experience, and an intimidating one. From online searching to going to a dealership, there are so many choices and it is hard to know what to do. Although this may be a time to make a careful decision, the financing of it should be easy. Our loan officers can do this by getting you pre-approved before you go to a dealership that we work with. This way, financing is taken care of and all you have to worry about is leather or cloth seats.


That’s right; Halloween can be a large expense for many people. From gravestones in the yard to the laughing skeletons hanging from the trees, Halloween is only second to Christmas when it comes to holiday spending. What we advise you to do is to have a holiday savings account that you make deposits to on a regular basis. This way, instead of searching the couch for change when picking out the right fog machine for your Halloween display, you will be making a withdrawal from your holiday savings account!

A Wedding

Flowers, photographers, a venue, linens, and don’t forget… the rings. Weddings can be costly even if you’re frugal. While this is alarming for the average American, there a couple of things you can do to help lessen the anxiety.

The first is to start saving now for upcoming nuptials. Open up a special savings that you deposit into every paycheck, or open a CD account that renews every year around tax return time and continually add to it. There are great ways to do this, just come into an office and see what we have to offer.

If the wedding is coming up quickly, maybe a small home equity loan is the right thing for you. Just let us know what you want to accomplish and we will see what we can do to help.

A College Education

Going to college is a great investment for the future, and it is an expensive one. There are many ways to pay for college, with student loans being the most common, but getting creative about how to do it is important. Consider saving early with your child so they are prepared for the cost of books and living expenses. Tuition is hard enough, so focusing on those other expenses might be a little more realistic for your average saver.

Another option would be a 529 plan, or education savings. You can work with one of our qualified investment service reps to see how this works and they can help you to prepare. With these accounts, the money deposited for the investment must be used for qualified tuition plans, which gives you the peace of mind of having control over where the funds are going. What you save for your kids should be going towards tuition and books; not fake blood to use when throwing a dorm room Halloween party.

All of these purchases can send a shiver up your spine, but having a plan in place is the best way to thwart off those frightened feelings. If you need help with this plan, you can always stop in an office or give us a call. We will help you whip up a plan potion that will have you ready for anything!


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