Bring good fortune in with the new year


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Ring in 2019 with traditions designed to bring love and prosperity your way.

Around the world, people celebrate the new year with traditions to bring blessings, true love and fortune. Here are a few you can try as you ring in 2019.

Pay attention to your undies

In Latin America, revelers pay close attention to the color of their underwear when dressing for their new year’s celebrations. They choose red undies to attract love and yellow ones to bring good luck and fortune.

Finish dinner after midnight

Reserve part of your dinner to eat after midnight to honor a long-standing German tradition to bring abundance in the new year. Pork and sauerkraut are usually served to symbolize blessings and luck.

Start with a clean slate and break from the past

In preparation for the new year, families in Japan clean the whole house in order to start the new year with a clean slate and a fresh mind. Soba noodles are served, too. When you bite the noodles, it’s a way of breaking free from the past.

Know when to hold ’em

In many Greek homes and pubs, New Year’s Eve is dedicated to playing cards. Friendly bets abound on games of chance and card tournaments last long into the night. Many also play the lottery since New Year’s is considered to be a lucky time.

Bring in 12 months of good luck

In Spain and Portugal, each person is given 12 grapes. At midnight, everyone eats one grape (representing one month) with each chime of the clock.

However you ring in the new year, we wish you health, happiness and prosperity!

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