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Owner Helena Borski of Beautifully Unique in her store
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A boutique that specializes in helping women who have breast surgery feel their best.

No matter a woman’s age, size or shape, breast surgery is a journey into the unknown. Those who undergo mastectomies and lumpectomies never know how they’re going to look after surgery. And, it’s hard for a lot of women to talk about what they’re going through. However, they don’t need to fear the unknown. The staff at Beautifully Unique, a full service mastectomy boutique in Kalamazoo, have made it their mission to help women look and feel their best after breast surgery.

Dispelling misconceptions about breast surgery

“There’s a huge misconception about breast and reconstruction surgery. Every woman’s surgical path is different and may require more than one surgery. Not only that, reconstructive surgery might not take place for a year or two after the original surgery.

Helena wants women to know there’s help for them to get through and past the surgeries.

There are products that can help restore a woman’s sense of health and well-being.

What to expect when visiting Beautifully Unique

The boutique prides itself on personalized service. Professional fitters work by appointment only so they can provide women with one-to-one attention.

At the initial appointment, trained fitters talk with patients to learn about their situation. Because Beautifully Unique is a durable medical equipment provider, they are bound by HIPPA laws and always protect patient privacy. And, health insurance covers many of the products women need post-surgery.

The fitter will do a “show and tell” with the products a woman might need. This includes items like a post-operative camisole with drainage tube belts for those who get mastectomies. Women who have had lumpectomies may need a compression bra.

Beautifully Unique also carries bras and swimwear with pockets that securely hold prosthetics. They also stock tank tops, sleepwear, negligees, hats and scarves for women who’ve had or are going through cancer treatments.

A fitting is about more than looking good

“People don’t realize that if one breast is changed, it affects balance and posture,” Helena says. She advises patients who use a prosthetic to wear it as much as possible to keep their body balanced.

Not everyone has reconstructive surgery

“There are lots of options for those who don’t want or can’t have reconstruction,” Helena said.

Patients who don’t have reconstruction, or for whom reconstruction is far in the future, can be fitted for a custom prosthetic created based on a 3D scan of their chest wall.

“When they find the perfect fit, they are so emotional. They feel a sense of restoration,” said Helena.

Beautifully Unique grows with help from Consumers

Helena is a longtime Consumers member, having joined the credit union when she was 14 years old. When she started Beautifully Unique five years ago, there was no question that she’d open her business accounts with us, too.

When Helena expanded her business earlier this year, she turned to us to finance the purchase of the building at 611 Whitcomb in Kalamazoo.

“The loan process was amazing,” Helena said. “Shannon Dwyer [my business development manager] was awesome. We financed a portion of the purchase with an SBA [504] loan.”

The new building is large enough to host Helena’s business as well as a hair salon, providing Helena with rental income.

We’re so proud of Beautifully Unique’s success! If you or anyone you know are facing breast surgery, check out Beautifully Unique for advice, service and personal attention that helps women through their journey.

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Consumers business services

Do you have business banking questions? Contact our knowledgeable business development managers.

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