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From a basement beginning to millions in sales in four years, Ryan Spencer earns success through hard work and vision.

What’s behind the success of a construction business that grows from two people to 23 and over $5 million in sales in just four years? For Sharp Construction, it’s two things: a dedication to service and savvy use of technology.

5-star customer service

Owner Ryan Spencer and his team are not satisfied unless every customer is satisfied. Their dedication to customer service has earned them a 5-star rating on Google. Certainly, complaints arise from time to time, but the way Sharp Construction handles them is what distinguishes this business.

Ryan Spencer

Sharp Real Estate and Construction Owner Ryan Spencer

“The philosophy I got from my dad is from the scripture that a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches,” Ryan said. “All of our staff has adopted this philosophy.”

Protecting their good name means taking action. Earlier this year, a customer changed his 5-star review to 2 stars. When Ryan saw this, he immediately contacted the customer. The customer was upset because the salesperson he’d been working with failed to return his calls. Eventually, he gave up on Sharp Construction and had someone else make the repairs. Ryan discovered that the lapse in communication was because the salesperson had left the company. To make things right, Ryan apologized and hand delivered a check for $800 to reimburse the customer for what he paid another company. That’s five-star service!

Using technology to scale the business

When Ryan and a buddy started the business as a roofing company in 2016 in his basement, quotes were time consuming. Each required climbing on roofs, measuring by hand, and two to three hours of calculating and preparing paperwork. Their first year, Sharp Construction did 50 roofs and had sales of $600,000.

Adopting technology that allows for faster quotes is a key factor that has helped Ryan scale the business. Today, app quotes take just minutes to prepare and include interactive 3D images of the home. Clients love seeing what their new roof, deck, windows or remodeling will look like in the end. And, when a customer wants changes, new quotes take just seconds.

By 2019, Sharp Construction’s sales grew to $2.8 million. Ryan expects that they’ll close out 2020 with double last year’s sales.

Visionary expansion of services 

Two things occurred that inspired Ryan to further grow the business by expanding the services they offer. The first was that in 2016, Ryan’s wife Ana became a real estate agent. Second, Ryan noticed that homeowners requesting quotes for roofs, decks and remodeling would often mention that the reason why they wanted the work done was because they were planning to sell their home.

Ryan realized that he and his team were already building relationships with homeowners. Offering real estate services was a natural extension of what they were already doing. In fact, because of their expertise with construction, Ryan and Ana can provide valuable information and advice to home sellers and buyers. So, this November, they launched a new website for Sharp Real Estate and Construction.

“We help buyers see past the ugly. We show them how they might update a home,” Ryan said. They also provide home inspections.

“For sellers [with new roofs by Sharp Construction], we can handle the warranty registrations so they are transferred to the new homeowner.”

A company that communicates

Ryan wants customers and prospective customers to know that they can always count on the Sharp Construction team. “We have layers of people who uphold our values. There’s always someone to communicate with,” he said.

We’re so proud that Sharp Construction is part of the Consumers family and enjoying their new building with financing from us!

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Do you have business banking questions? Contact our knowledgeable business development managers.

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