CARE is a Four-Letter Word


Care is a four-letter word hearder
Finding ways to cope, heal and move forward after 12 months of this … stuff.

The events of last year have taken a toll on all of us. And clearly, 2021 hasn’t kicked off all sunshine and daisies either. So over the last two months, Consumers and OnSite Wellness presented a three-part webinar series that brought together experts on mental health, community engagement and employer services to discuss the ways we as individuals, employers and communities can recover and move forward.

Learn more, watch the live recording or listen to the podcasts below:

Self Care

Our webinar on self care brought together Vonnie Woodrick, CEO of Love Heals; Amy Ritsema, co-owner of OnSite Wellness; and Scott Dobson, Consumers @Work Manager. They discussed everything from small ways to improve your home workspace and reduce financial stressors to how to go about having honest conversations with ourselves and others about sadness, depression and suicide.

Watch the recorded webinar here
Listen to the podcast here

Team Care

With HR experts from quite diverse industries, our team care conversation was quite uplifting. Shawn Premer, chief human resources officer at Consumers Credit Union; Grant Fletcher, system director for healthy living & sustainability for Bronson Healthcare; Carrie Yunker, executive vice president of Bell’s Brewery, Inc.; and Amy Ritsema, co-owner of OnSite Wellness, spoke passionately about the ways employers can foster connections between remote workers and more!

Watch the recorded webinar here
Listen to the podcast here

Community Care

Our final webinar in this series changed our focus from internal to external. Our experts spoke about the pandemic’s affect on volunteering and community outreach and equity issues that have come to a head in the last year. Listen to Lynne Jarman-Johnson, chief marketing officer at Consumers Credit Union; Christy Buck, executive director of the Mental Health Foundation; Tasha Blackmon, president and CEO of Cherry Health; and Dante Villarreal, vice president of business & talent development at the Grand Rapids Chamber here:

Watch the recorded webinar here
Listen to the podcast here


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