Consumers Credit Union closes out 2018 with three wellness awards


Female runner tying her shoelaces


On any given day at Consumers, you’ll see people running on treadmills at the corporate gym, sweating in a HIIT class, or going for a walk around an office. Consumers is wholeheartedly committed to employee health and wellness. This includes a wellness app, exercise and nutritious eating competitions, annual wellness checks and more.

This stalwart conviction to improve employees’ lives through healthy choices was recently recognized by three different organizations who honored us with the Top 100 Well-being Award, Top 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America and the Nation’s Best and Brightest in Wellness.

“Wellness is always top of mind at Consumers Credit Union,” said Shawn Premer, Consumers’ chief human resources officer. “We’re proud of this recognition because it means we’re doing the right thing for our employees.”  

Each of the awards were selected based on multiple criteria, including our program’s details, but also the impact we had on our employees, our industry and our community.  

“I love that we have so many options to stay healthy and that Consumers actively encourages us to get up and go for a walk while at work,” said Hailey Warner, graphic designer.

While we are elated to enter 2019 with these awards in hand, we are even more excited to continue our commitment to the health and wellness of our employees in this new year and all those to follow.

If you’d like to work with a team of professionals who wants you to love how you feel as much as you love where you work, check out our Careers page at https://www.consumerscu.org/careers.



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