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As part of the Consumers family, you have free, unlimited access to financial management services.

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When the biggest financial hurdle is not knowing what to do next, our trustworthy @Work reps help your employees stress less about money.

What happens when an employee is stressed out about money? A drop in productivity is easily apparent but there are other effects, too. Financial worries can also have a negative effect on communication and relationships at work. Fortunately, employers in West Michigan have access to a very effective (and free!) program for helping employees develop financial fitness: the Consumers @Work program.

@Work promotes financial wellness

Technically, @Work is a financial wellness program, but in practice it promotes all-around wellness. Chronic stress and worry about things such as money can interfere with appetite, sleep, job performance and lifestyle habits. For some, this stress can lead to anxiety, overeating, smoking and alcohol and drug usage.

@Work is an employee-assistance program that helps people understand basic and advanced personal finances, including:

  • setting up a bank account for direct deposit
  • how to budget
  • what a credit score means and how to improve it
  • ways to reduce debt
  • steps to take toward homeownership
  • how to save for your kids’ college
  • strategies for retirement savings
  • and more!

@Work comes to your workplace, in-person and virtually

Traditionally, @Work representatives have hosted in-person meetings with employees in a break room or cafeteria. While the pandemic curtailed in-person education, it helped us develop a library of digital resources that help people learn about personal finances when and how they want. Employees can watch videos, listen to podcasts and participate in webinars and one-on-one video calls.

As more people become vaccinated, in-person lunch-and-learns and consultations will return because we understand the value of trusted personal relationships, especially when it comes to talking about money.

@Work helps the whole family become financially fit

One of the most exceptional things about the @Work program is that it’s available to employees and everyone in their household. We open the program to family members because when everyone who’s part of financial decision-making is well-informed, families can make better choices.

Don’t take our word for it

Meegan Fritsma, human resources manager at John Ball Zoo, says the @Work program is beneficial to her team because it helps people see what’s available to them, especially for things that are new.

“People who have never had a mortgage [need to know the] first steps to do before you decide to buy a home. Kids going to college. So many different things. What steps can you take? You don’t know if you haven’t done it before,” she says in regards to financial education.

@Work helps people understand their options and the steps they need to take to reach their financial goals. Instead of money being a barrier, they have open conversations that lead to a plan of action that helps them succeed—and reduce, if not eliminate, financial worries.

Bring @Work to your team

@Work is a complimentary program available to all West Michigan employers. It works because it’s based on relationships rather than a one-and-done approach. Consumers @Work representatives are here to work with your employees for the long-term.

Here are two ways to learn more about @Work:

Do you have business banking questions? Contact our knowledgeable business development managers online or call 800-991-2221. We’re also available to help in person at your local office.

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Tools and resources

As part of the Consumers family, you have free, unlimited access to financial management services.

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