Friday Five Business Briefing – March 29, 2024


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Here’s news you can use in a constantly changing business environment, including an uptick in retail sales, why housing prices may drop (and when), a strategy shared by George Costanza and Warren Buffett, and more.

  1. More shopping — After a slow start to 2024, retail sales rose 0.6% in February. Retailers of general merchandise, electronics and appliances, as well as restaurants saw increases. At the same time, furniture and home furnishing stores, and online sales went down. Get the full story.
  2. When housing prices might drop — A recent settlement by the National Association of Realtors over real estate commissions may lead to lower home prices. Sellers will no longer be required to pay both the seller’s and buyer’s agents, which could result in lower listing prices. The changes probably won’t go into effect until summer. Dive deeper into the details.
  3. Pros and cons of paid loyalty programs — Many businesses use paid loyalty programs to offer additional services that make customers feel special and boost the bottom line. However, there are drawbacks to the programs like the perception that paid memberships disguise price increases. See more ways consumers experience paid loyalty programs.  
  4. Get the right product at the right price — One way to get a good price and avoid lousy workmanship is by setting a price floor under which bids will not be considered. See why this procurement strategy works.
  5. The Costanza Strategy Used By Buffett — Curiously, George Costanza and Warren Buffett use a strategy that’s effective for small businesses in times of economic uncertainty. They do the opposite of what they did before. Discover why being bold pays off.

Thank you to our Friday Five sources: Corp!, The Detroit News, Fast Company, Kellogg Insight and Inc.


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Consumers business services

Do you have business banking questions? Contact our knowledgeable commercial loan officers.

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