Grow revenue with personalization


Increase revenue and build customer loyalty by delivering a personalized experience.

Looking for a way to grow revenue and build customer loyalty? Dial up the personalization you provide. In an age where customers can check out your competitors on their smartphones while standing in your store, personalization provides the competitive edge you need.

A personalized experience goes beyond friendly service. Here are some ways to build authentic connections with your customers and distinguish your company from competitors.

Call customers by name

When you know and use your customers’ names two things happen. First, the recognition makes customers feel valued. Second, their experience becomes more memorable. Memorable experiences are ones they share on social media and with friends.

Engage online

Reply to online reviews. Offer thanks for both positive and negative reviews. Respond to criticism with a genuine desire to make things right. If you’re not sure what to write, check out this guide on how to respond to a negative online review from Broadly.

Online dialog with reviewers lets your customers (existing and potential) know they’ve been heard and that you’re responsive.

Reward valuable feedback

Whether you receive feedback in person, online or over the phone, show your appreciation. Thank your customers for letting you know what’s working and what’s not.  Offer compensation in proportion to the problem. This could mean refunding a fee, offering a discount on their next purchase or giving a full credit.

Communicate the way your customer wants to

Many consumers prefer online live chats and texting to phone calls. Make sure the options you provide are the ones your customers use. The most responsive companies use a mix of methods including social media, phone, email, snail mail and texts. Survey your customers to see how they want to connect with you.

Reward loyal customers

Show your regular customers how much your appreciate their loyalty. Doing so doesn’t have to cost a lot. Give them advance notice of sales or new products, offer free samples or invite them to special events for “insiders.”

Make recommendations based on preferences

Pay attention to cues your customers provide. Keep notes. When the time is right, make recommendations based on their preferences. For example, if you’re a restauranteur, and you know a customer loves red wine, let them know about that new pinot noir on the menu. If you provide software as a service, and your client has wished for a certain report, mention how the new upgrade will do just that.

Customers reward businesses that personalize their service with more purchases and loyalty—make sure your company doesn’t miss out!

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