Is Black Friday a Good Time to Buy Appliances?

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What to expect for Black Friday 2022 and how to get the best deals on home appliances.

The Thanksgiving season brings good news for consumers: according to Consumer Reports, Black Friday 2022 promises to deliver deeper discounts on major home appliances than we‘ve seen in recent years. Shoppers can expect discounts of 25% or more on big tickets items. Discover these helpful tips on how to be a savvy appliance shopper.

Not all appliances are created equal

While you might see a fantastic price on an appliance, it might be not actually be a great deal. That’s because some models are less reliable and more likely to need repairs. Even within a single manufacturer’s line, there can be big differences in reliability. Smart shoppers research reviews for the exact models they’re considering.

Be prepared to negotiate

Negotiating is often as simple as asking for a discount. Sometimes businesses will offer additional savings for seniors and veterans.

One of the most effective ways to haggle is to present the retailer with prices from competitors, especially other brick-and-mortar stores. Often retailers will match or beat a competing price in order to win the sale.

Other ways to save

Home appliance buyers can also save by asking for other goodies, such a free delivery, or free haul-away service.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: what’s the difference?

Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, is the day retailers compete for shoppers at walk-in stores with big discounts. When online shopping became popular, e-commerce sites piggybacked on the shopping trend with deals on Cyber Monday, the first weekday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you see a great appliance deal on Black Friday, it’s a good idea to snag it since supplies may be gone by the time Cyber Monday arrives.

More sales around the corner

Unless you need an appliance immediately, don’t despair if you don’t find a great deal. Appliances generally go on sale at every three-day holiday. You can also find great deals on the previous year’s models in September and October when manufacturers roll out their new models.

Additionally, waiting to make an appliance purchase gives you more time to set aside money in a Consumers savings account, which can help avoid taking on more debt or minimize what you need to borrow.

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Consumers home loans

We’d love to help you with a mortgage or home equity line of credit.

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