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Get your finances in shape with apps that help budget and plan for the future.

Do your new year’s resolutions include saving money, paying off debt or creating a budget? If you find it difficult to stay on track, a money management app can help you achieve your financial goals—and many of them are free. Here are highlights of some popular apps that simplify personal finances.

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

YNAB uses four rules to make budgeting manageable: 1. Give every dollar a job; 2. Embrace your true expenses; 3. Roll with the punches; and 4. Age your money. Their conversational approach emphasizes that budgeting isn’t about restriction. Instead, it’s about setting and reaching goals. An online community and customer service provide users with additional sources of support. Their Learn and Inspiration webpages are worth exploring for budgeting know-how and motivation.

Free for 34 days, then $12/month or $84/year. Learn more about YNAB.


Honeydue promotes itself as a simple way for couples to manage money. The app shares individual and joint account info—to the degree you choose—and provides instant notifications, real time balances and budgets for each partner. There’s also a chat feature for messaging your partner and sending emojis.

Free. Learn more about Honeydue.


If you like the envelope system of budgeting, where monthly income is pre-assigned for spending, this could be the app for you. Goodbudget helps you set aside funds for specific uses each month, like groceries, gas, eating out and paying off debt. Accounts aren’t synced with this app, which means balances are entered manually.

Free version with limited services. Full version $7/month or $60/year. Learn more about Goodbudget.


A winner of multiple Editor’s Choice awards from PC Magazine, Mint is highly automated, with simple budgeting tools, a bill payment tracker, credit score checks, investment tracking, and good mobile support including Apple Watch. Analysis of spending habits and trends quickly gives users insights on financial health.

Free. A premium version with credit monitoring service is $17/year. Learn more about Mint.


Pocketsmith goes beyond budgeting basics to help people manage multiple income streams, track Airbnb expenses, and forecast cashflow to help users achieve their FIRE (Financially Independent, Retire Early) goals. The ability to test what-if scenarios helps users see different outcomes and make big decisions with greater comfort.

Free version with limited services. Premium service $10/month and Super service $170/year. Learn more about Pocketsmith.

Of course, the app we recommend the most is …

These are just a handful of the many personal finance apps available. Even if you don’t want to jump in with an app, remember that you can set and track a savings goal and monitor your credit score for free with the Consumers Credit Union mobile app.

This is in addition to all of the other great features of our banking app, including bill pay, transferring money, opening accounts, alerts, card controls, mobile check deposit and more.

Consumers provides banking services for more than 100,000 members. If you have banking questions, call us at 800-991-2221. We make it easy to bank how you want, when you want.

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Bank online at your convenience

Whether you need to pay some bills or check the balance on your account, our online banking platform lets you bank how you want, when you want.

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  1. Luke Monet says:

    I have been using Mint for almost a year now and I understand why it has received such good reviews. I can’t say anything negative about it – except that the interface and functionality may not meet individual people’s needs.
    Budget control is a necessity for all people. And I find it convenient to do that with the app at the moment.

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