Moving? How to save on the costs!


A blonde lady unpacking boxes in a den of a newly moved-into house

Whether you’re moving out for the first time or moving across country the third time, there are some basic tips that will help minimize the stress and save you money along the way.

Calling All Friends & Family

If there was ever a time to call in all past favors, moving is it. Send out a Twitter and Facebook request asking for help to pack your belongings. Host a rummage sale so your BFFs and siblings can pick through all the clothes they like to borrow anyway. Donate. Donate. Donate. Having less to pack will save you time, energy, and money on supplies and transportation costs. When the day comes to change addresses, enlist these same people for trucks, SUVs, station wagons and you might be able to skip the mover cost all together. Just remember that with family and friends, you don’t have any liability insurance if something is broken, damaged, or lost in the process.

Hire a Professional

Professional moving companies can offer assistance with packing, moving and storing. Many also sell moving supplies like boxes, cushioning materials and tape. IF you decide to hire a professional, get at least three quotes from companies that someone has referred—don’t just book a company you find online. (You may never see your furniture again.) Be sure to give the same information to each company so your quote comparison is accurate. When booking a moving date, consider a weekday which are often less expensive than weekends. You can also speed up the process by moving items to the first/main floor of your dwelling (if possible) to alleviate multiple trips up the stairs. Since moving companies charge by the hour, this could add up to big savings.


Boxes can be expensive. If you have a long lead time for your move, start hunting for good moving boxes and put the word out to friends and families to hunt, too. Check your local grocery store or department store and ask when they get deliveries. Many would love to give away their boxes and they will have a variety of sizes. If you don’t mind ink on your hands or belongings, then newspaper is cheap and easy to come by as a wrapping. The better choice here is to call a local newspaper and see if you can buy the newsprint BEFORE they print. Many will sell scraps or the end of a roll. Bubble wrap and foam liners are also good packing supplies and can be found at large home stores or online. Prices vary so be sure to shop before you buy.

 Source: PSB, our valued partner.

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