Turning potting benches into patio bars


This fun DIY project makes outdoor entertaining a breeze.

If you like entertaining outdoors, a patio bar is a must. If you’re thinking that sounds expensive, think again! By repurposing a potting bench you already have or one you buy (they start at around $100) you can serve beverages on the spot all night long without breaking the bank.

Here’s how to transform a humble potting bench into the patio bar that will be the hub of your next party:

  • First decide if you’ll leave the finish as is for a casual atmosphere or if you’d like a bit more polish or pizzazz with paint.
  • Maximize your storage space by adding a stemware rack under the upper shelf.
  • Mount a towel bar across the front. Alternatively, mount a paper towel holder under the work surface or on the side.
  • Use hooks designed for trowels to hold stirrers and tongs.
  • Install a bottle opener on the front side of a leg. For extra convenience, choose one that catches the removed bottle caps.
  • Fill the soil bin with ice to be used in drinks.
  • On the bottom shelf, place tub of ice for chilling bottled beverages.

Now, the only thing left to do is to invite your friends over and pour them a drink. For any home projects you want to do, be sure to check out a Consumers Home Equity Line of Credit. With competitive rates and terms, you’ll be enjoying your improvements sooner rather than later.

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