Over the river and through the woods … there’s still a CO-OP ATM near you!


Consumers Credit Union ATM in front of a Consumers Credit Union office location.

Wherever your travels take you this Christmas, enjoy convenient access to your cash through the surcharge free CO-OP ATM network. With 30,000+ CO-OP ATMs throughout the U.S. & abroad and more than 200 here in West Michigan alone, it’s easy to avoid unnecessary ATM fees.

To find the location nearest you while en route to holiday parties, visit our locations page.

All that’s missing from the experience is the free coffee we provide in our offices!

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  1. Jacquelyn M. Smith says:

    All I want to know is where is the nearest ATM in the Galesburg, Michigan area.
    Did not get the answer I want. Please help!!

    • betsy.loeks says:

      Hey Jacquelyn, please visit https://www.consumerscu.org/locations and then type in “Galesburg, MI” by the map where it indicates the location you are searching and then click “Go”. You can also click the check boxes to select specifically if you are searching for a Consumers ATM or a CO-OP one or both. The map will update to your search requirements, and you can click on any of the icons that appear to display the address of the ATM.

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