Paint the perfect Halloween pumpkin


Six pumpkins in the forefront of a pumpkin patch on a fall day

Put the carving tools away and pull out the paint for the most spooktacular pumpkins!

What’s more fun (and safer) than carving a pumpkin? Painting one! Here’s how to create a spooky masterpiece.

You’ll need:

  • pumpkin(s)
  • acrylic sealer
  • acrylic paint
  • brushes
  1. Start with a pumpkin that’s free of bruises. Wipe off any dirt.
  2. Coat the entire pumpkin with an acrylic sealer to keep the decorative paint from peeling. Coat the top half of the pumpkin and let it dry. Flip it over and repeat for the bottom half. You can use either a spray- or brush-on sealer. Modge Podge works well.
  3. While waiting for the sealer to dry, decide how you’d like to paint your pumpkin. For inspiration, google “painted pumpkins”. You’ll find countless ideas—from classic scary faces and pigs to haunted houses and whimsical motifs. Or, create a design of your own.
  4. Paint your pumpkin. If your design covers the whole pumpkin, paint half and allow it to dry. Then paint the other half.
  5. Protect your painted pumpkin with another coat of sealer. Again, seal one half, allow it to dry then seal the other half.
  6. Optional embellishments: You don’t have to stop with paint! Accessorize your pumpkin with googly eyes, gauze, glitter or anything else that completes your haunted masterpiece.

When your pumpkin is done, share a picture with us!

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