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To get the best candidates for work-from-home and in-person positions, make sure your hiring process is up-to-date.

Even though folks are returning to the workplace, many will continue to work from home part or full time. That means bringing new skills and options to your hiring process. Check out these remote hiring tips that will help you compete for the best candidates.

Make your online presence shine

Show prospective employees what it’s like to work at your company online. Your website, blog and social media accounts are the perfect to place to tell your story.

  • Provide a video walk-through of your offices or shop.
  • Describe how your team works together.
  • Ask current employees to provide video testimonials of why they like working at your company and why they stay.

Face-to-face provides valuable information

Even for positions that are 100% remote, a face-to-face interview will tell you more about a candidate than a standard phone interview. A video call will provide a much better context for personality and culture fit.

Observe their responses

By its very nature, remote work requires someone who manages their time well and communicates in a timely way. Observe:

  • How long does it take a candidate to respond to an email?
  • Do they communicate ideas clearly?
  • Do they have the attention to detail needed for the position?

Consider a paid trial project

Some candidates look great on paper but don’t have actually have the skills you need. To more accurately assess their ability to the do the job, consider a trial project. This will give you an opportunity to see their skills and decision-making process first-hand.

A trial project also gives the candidate insights into how your company works and helps them decide if the job is a good fit. Be mindful that your candidate is likely already juggling multiple responsibilities and is in the midst of a job search. Keep the project limited in scope and the time it requires. Paying the candidate for the trial shows respect for their time. Check out how Datapeople runs their interview projects.

Follow up and let candidates know your decision

In this age of online reviews, even your interview process is subject to scrutiny. Following up and letting candidates know your decisions either way is not only professional, but it also shows prospective candidates respect and what kind of communication they can expect as an employee. Good communication can help build your online reputation as a place where people would like to work—even if they don’t get hired.

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Consumers business services

Do you have business banking questions? Contact our knowledgeable business development managers.

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