Are you traveling? Don’t forget to tell us.


If you’re going on vacation or a work trip, please let us know if you’re going out of town. Otherwise, it’s possible that your credit and debit card transactions from another city or state could be flagged as potential fraud and declined.

Notifying us about your travel plans is easy!

  • From our website log into Online Banking, go to the More (…) links option and select Travel Notice. Complete the form. Here’s a quick guide to help.
  • Let us know when you’re at your local Consumers Credit Union office, and we’ll make a note in your account.
  • Call our Member Service Center at 800.991.2221 or connect with us here.

Enjoy your time away and safe travels!


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  1. Ralph Starland says:

    Can we use our debit cards while traveling to England?

    • Aaron says:

      Hi, Ralph! Yes, your debit card can be used in England. However, you’ll want to make sure that your debit card has a chip and you have a PIN selected. The vast majority of Europe uses a chip and PIN system as opposed to our chip and signature.

      Finally, you will want to set a travel advisory for your debit card so we know you’ll be traveling. Please contact us with any questions. Have a great trip!

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