Traveling on a budget: Smart ways to save money


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Summer is the perfect time to hit the highways or airways and explore. The price tag, however, is rarely perfect. Whether you’re taking it easy on a beach in the Bahamas, wine tasting in Windsor or taking in a show in Chicago, you’ll find expenses lurking around every corner.

You don’t need to break the bank (or credit union) to make the trip of your dreams come true! We’ve done the research for you and come up with some fantastic ways to help you travel on a budget. Here are our favorite money saving travel tips.

1. ytravel offers up to 52 great ways to save money. Our favorite: Talk to the locals. Learn about their favorite restaurants, skip the tourist traps and see the authentic side of your host city. Open up a conversation with, “Where’s a great restaurant?” Everyone loves to talk about food!

2. HuffPost has 15 money-saving tips. Make the most out of short outings by bringing your own snacks and water in reusable bottles. If you wait until you visit the local souvenir shop or tourist trap restaurant, you’re going to pay a premium for the comfort of some food and water in your belly.

3. Forbes recommends packing smart—along with nine other ways to save some money. Evaluate the amount of clothing you actually need – can you make it work with a carry-on bag? Roll your clothing before you put it in your suitcase, wear as much as you can on a plane and travel as light as possible!

4. Finally, the Travel Channel hands us 23 pro tips for saving cash. Their first tip (and in our mind, the best) is to simply buy less stuff. Eat in, skip the movies and you’ll find more money in your pocket to travel.

Changing some habits can help you save big when you’re traveling for a vacation! Be sure to click the links and check out all the money-saving tips provided. A few minutes of your time is worth the hundreds of dollars you could save on your next vacation!


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