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New videos highlight how Consumers keeps your money and personal information safe 24/7.

We know you like the smiles that greet you (and the free coffee!) when you visit a Consumers office. We also know that you love that we look out for you and your money. Our latest “Ask Tim” video series shows how we’ve got your back in every aspect of banking, like keeping your personal information safe with every debit card transaction and providing Courtesy Pay for those oopsies that turn into overdrafts.

You can also learn about:

  • EMV chip technology in your debit and credit cards
  • The difference between debit and credit
  • How NCUA insurance protects you

Check out the videos today! (They’re brief, we promise!)

Ask Tim: Is My hard earned money protected by Federal Insurance?

Ask Tim: What is an EMV Chip?

Ask Tim: I have a new EMV Chip credit card, but what’s safer, signature or PIN?

Ask Tim: Why is there a hold on my money when I use an ATM to deposit a check?

Ask Tim: How does Courtesy Pay work, and is there a fee for using it?

Ask Tim: What happens if I leave my debit card in an ATM?


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    Kay Wallace says:

    Looking for the car insurance company that you advertised awhile back. I would like to get a quote. I think the name started with H


    Hi Kay, our members can get discounts through Nulty Insurance Group. Would that be who you are looking for? Here is more information: https://www.consumerscu.org/about/benefits

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