My Cash Back Credit

Earn cash back with the Consumers Cash Back Mastercard® anytime for any purchase. Then turnaround and redeem for cash rewards or statement credit.

  • Earn unlimited 1.50% cash back anytime for anything
  • No annual fee and Member Perks (for just using your card at select vendors)
  • Easy monitoring and payment within Online Banking, including card controls
  • Free Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™ program and benefits
  • Special offer: Lifetime rate of 6.99% APR** on transferred balances made within the first 45 days of account opening
Credit Card Benefits
Enjoy these features of the Consumers Cash Back card!
Local superior service

Work with the teams you know and trust at Consumers


New account credit cards are printed in just minutes for free at any office

Mastercard Global Service

Around the clock cardholder assistance

Identity theft protection

Receive assistance reporting identity theft on your personal card. Sign up with Mastercard for free here.

Card controls

Manage your cards through features that allow you to request and activate new credit cards, access rewards, turn credit cards on/off and set up alerts.

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Tap & Go®

Tap & Go® chip technology, sometimes known as contactless, gives your card greater fraud protection and allows you to either tap, insert or swipe your card when making purchases. Look for this sign at your favorite merchants and simply tap your card at the reader to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my cash back?

Cash back is available as soon as a transaction posts. It may be redeemed in Online Banking by clicking on your Cash Back Card account and then selecting “Redeem” to begin the process.

You can choose to have cash placed into a deposit account or as statement credit. Cash back redemptions to a deposit account or for statement credit will not satisfy the minimum payment due.

Is there a minimum amount of cash that can be redeemed?

Cash must be redeemed in whole dollar increments of no less than $1.00.

Please note: Cash back is not earned for cash advances, balance transfers, fees or payments to your account.

Can I use my cash back toward my payment?

Cash back cannot be used toward your minimum payment; however, it can be applied to the statement credit to lower your overall balance or deposited into a personal account that can be used to make your payment.

Will my cash back ever expire?

Any unused cash back will expire after three years.

Can a member keep their current card and still apply for a Cash Back card?


Can a different Consumers credit card be changed into a Cash Back card?

Yes, you can pursue a limit increase as well. However, is important to know the following:

  • If you are changing your Consumers Rewards card to a Cash Back card, you must redeem all points prior to applying for the Cash Back card.
  • Any transactions posted prior to approval of the Cash Back card will be protected at your current card’s APR.
  • Your new card will have a new credit card number. Any auto transfers should be updated.
  • The new card will need to be mailed (vs. instant-issued). In this case, your current card may be used temporarily (up to 25 days) as a Cash Back card until the new one is received.
  • Transactions will show under both the current and new card until the current card is completely closed.
Additional Credit Card Features
Mobile wallets

Update your credit card information for online automated payments (i.e. electric bill or and in your mobile wallet to make sure you get Mastercard® benefits non-stop.

Tap & Go® payments at participating merchants are actually more secure and quicker. You can add your card to any of these mobile wallet apps:

Please follow your manufacturer’s instructions.

Always secure

Whether you use your Mastercard to shop online, by phone or in stores, every purchase is backed by Zero Liability protection. That means you won’t be held responsible in the event someone makes unauthorized purchases with your card. Plus, all our cards have chip technology, which is the industry standard security feature to help reduce credit card fraud on all card transactions.

Travel notifications

If you are traveling out of town, let us know by giving us a call or filling out a travel notice in Online Banking, so your service is not interrupted.

Helpful tools

Want to improve your credit score to get a better card deal? Check out our Credit Smart Program.

How long will it take me to pay off my credit card debt? Find out with our credit card repayment calculator.

Find your Mastercard benefits here.



*Earn 1.50% Cash Back for every one dollar spent on purchases less credits, returns, and adjustments during a statement period. Cash advances, balances transfers, fees and finance charges do not earn Cash Back. Cash Back earned during your billing cycle will be disclosed on your credit card statement. Cash Back is available for redemption as transactions post. Members must redeem Cash Back in $1.00 increments. Cash Back redemptions to a deposit account or for statement credit will not satisfy the minimum payment due. This product is limited to personal credit cards. Approval subject to credit review.

For more details, please refer to your Truth in Lending Statement or Cardholder Agreement accompanying your card.

**Introductory 6.99% APR is available for balance transfers on new personal credit cards processed within 45 days of account opening. The 6.99% APR balance transfer rate will apply to the balance transferred until it is paid in full. Balance transfers submitted after 45 days of account opening will receive your regular balance transfer rate (17.24% – 22.99% APR) and a fee of 4% of the amount of each transfer with a minimum of $5.00. Your regular card rate (17.24% – 22.99% APR) will apply to any other purchases made. Balance transfers will be processed as cash transactions and will incur finance charges immediately. The minimum payment will be applied to lowest rate balances first while all payments exceeding the minimum payment due each billing period will be applied to balances with higher APRs prior to balances with lower APRs. Balance Transfers may not be used to pay off credit cards or other loan accounts held with Consumers. Balance transfers do not earn rewards points or cash back. For more information, please refer to your Truth-in-Lending statement or the Card Member Agreement accompanying your card. Approval subject to credit review. Rates, fees, and terms are subject to change and may be terminated at any time.