It's simple and easy to enroll!
  • Next time you call our member service line at 800.991.2221, we’ll ask if you want to enroll in Voice Check.
  • Our representative will capture your voiceprint (think pitch, tone and shape/size of your vocal tract) as you speak. The software analyzes and encrypts your voice’s characteristics for use in Consumers banking systems alone.
  • You’re all set!
Phone screen showing colorful voice waves
Overview of benefits
Phone screen showing colorful voice waves
  • Unique and secure as a fingerprint; detects fraud in real time
  • Fewer passcodes or security questions to remember
  • Fast, easy and secure verification
  • Get right to the reason for your call

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voice Check?

Voice Check is a fast and secure way to use your voice to gain account access when you call into our member service center.

How does Voice Check work?

When you enroll in the program, the software analyzes and encrypts your voice’s unique characteristics (like tone, pitch and vocal tract shape) to create a voiceprint that only works in Consumers systems.

What are the benefits?

Voice Check cuts down on one more passcode or set of security questions to remember, making it quicker to get to the purpose of your call when you contact us for account help. Because every person’s voiceprint is unique, Voice Check offers a secure and effective way to prevent fraudulent inquiries into your account in real time.

How do I start using Voice Check?

Once you’ve enrolled in the program, Voice Check will pick up on your unique voiceprint as soon as you begin speaking with a member service representative. In the future, we’ll be improving our Voice Access banking service, which will use Voice Check to validate. Other technologies may follow over time.

How does a joint member access our shared account information?

Even if someone is a joint member, they have their own unique member number to access your shared account. When a joint member calls in, they can set up their own voiceprint to access the information.

What if I have a cold or my voice changes over time?

Minor illnesses or changes to your voice should not hinder Voice Check from working; however, our representatives can also validate you via other methods should the need arise.

Is there a fee?

No. This service is entirely free.