Our Plan

Corporate Headquarters:
  • Beginning in mid-June: Employees will begin rotating back into the office as able and arranged with managers. Before entering the building, employees will be required to complete a symptom/checker survey.
  • Small conference rooms will not be used for meetings. WebEx is still the meeting platform of choice, even when employees are in the building. All shared spaces have been reconfigured to force social distancing.
  • Masks have been provided, and employees are required to wear them when they are not working at their workstation.
  • Workstations must be cleaned before and after each work day. Every office/department has been equipped with sanitizing spray, towels and a designated garbage. Our clean desk policy must be strictly adhered to so that only essential equipment remain on the hard desk surface each day.
  • Our lobby is closed and only limited appointments will be accepted with executive team approval.

Prior to June 15, we served members through six retail locations by appointment only (all parties wearing face masks and following social distance and other safety protocols). Teller service was also available at all locations through our Interactive Tellers (ITMs) in our drive thrus. Live tellers were working from home and providing full-service transactions to members.

  • On June 1, we began to evaluate the need of opening additional locations in each market and expand members’ ability to come in for an appointment.
  • We announced a phased reopening approach of our retail offices following this schedule and with a number of safety precautions in place.

Individual Well-being

Physical Well-being

1. We have created different wellness challenges to engage employees remotely.

2. We are providing workout classes (like Barre) via Zoom.

Mental Well-being

1. We have partnered with our employee assistance provider (EAP) to provide resources and training to employees.

2. We have an entire section of our intranet devoted to giving employees a voice and to post resources to help each other.

  • Example: An employee created meditation and yoga videos for other employees to utilize. We also allow employees to post questions and outside resources.

3. Our HR team is taking time to check in with every employee during this time to see how they are coping.

Help from Our Partner

If you need mental health assistance for your employees, our partner BeNice.org offers online workshops and programs for businesses. More info here.

Member and Community Resources
How We Are Here For Our Members

24-7 Digital Banking: Through Online Banking on the desktop or through our Mobile App, our members can pay bills, check account balances or even deposit checks. More features here: how-to guides.

Interactive Tellers: Our Interactive Tellers in our drive thrus (and some offices) function as ATMs plus give members access to a remote teller who would serve them just like being in an office.

In-office Appointments: Appointments are available Monday – Friday at Battle Creek, Coldwater, Corner@Drake, Gaines, Riley, and South Haven. Members can make an appointment here.

Deferral Payment Plans: As a community partner, we are here to help navigate our members’ finances in these difficult times.

Financial Wellness

Many employees have experienced substantial changes in income recently, making managing personal finances even more difficult. Your company may have many employees coming back to work with significant stress surrounding their next paycheck, and helping them manage through this tough time can really help your employees and their families. We encourage employees returning to work to focus on short-term budgeting and making it through the next few months.

Budget by Payday

For the short term, encourage employees to focus on incoming money and how to best manage that money as they earn it.

  • When is your next payday and how much will it be?
  • When is the payday after that?
  • Any other money coming in? Stimulus check? Tax return?
Prioritize Bills

Encourage employees to make a simple list of every bill they have due, then prioritize from most important to pay, to least.

  • Many lists will start with housing, car payments, utilities, phone, insurance, student loans, credit cards, etc.
  • This list helps your employee decide where the money should go if there is not enough to pay everyone.
Contact Creditors for Help

Many, many lenders, companies and government agencies are ready to assist their customers.

  • Loans may be eligible for a skip a payment or deferment.
  • Utility companies are offering affordable payment plans.
  • Some student loan payments can be deferred.

Financial Wellness Onboarding

Hiring new employees will happen, and helping those employees find financial stability with the paycheck you provide is key to keeping them with you and feeling satisfied. What three things can you help your employees with?


Make getting their paycheck fast and easy

Requiring direct deposit for new employees is the best strategy for fast pay and social distancing. This works great except many new employees do not have a checking account, or wish to begin a new banking relationship.

  • Consumers has an online account opening tool so new employees can open a checking account as part of orientation or at home in just a few minutes. Full-time employees of our @Work partner companies are guaranteed a checking account.
  • Consumers will then deliver complete routing and account numbers to payroll for processing.
  • Consumers can open an account for your employees while following all social distancing standards.
Provide education

Online and digital education pieces can be viewed by employees anytime and provide insight on many common financial wellness topics including:

Have a financial wellness resource available

Offering a 1-1 subject expert and classroom webinars for your employees to engage with professionals about their own financial wellness. We offer:

  • 1-1 Webex consultations with employees to discuss financial issues
  • Webinars on specific topics important to your employees
  • Professional resources to help your employees with difficult financial issues, like avoiding foreclosure
Make an appointment

Do you have financial questions? Contact our knowledgeable @Work Financial Wellness Manager Scott Dobson to set up a virtual or in-person appointment. He’s here to help you with your financial well-being!

Contact Scott