Spring TLC for your home


Close up of a hand wearing a work glove pulling leaves out of a gutter

Taking time for spring home maintenance will prevent small problems from turning into bigger, costlier ones.

If your approach to home maintenance is “out of sight, out of mind” you could be setting yourself up for costly headaches down the road. Here are three things to do now so invisible problems don’t become major repairs later.

Clean those gutters

Leaves, twigs, pine needles – it doesn’t take much to clog a gutter or downspout. Clear out the debris so your gutter system can move water away from your house. The more water you move away from your house, the drier your foundation.

If that’s not enough to motivate you, consider these two facts. First, water that accumulates in clogged gutters contributes to mold and mildew problems. And second, even small puddles of water in the gutter can be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Check your roof and chimney

Winter and spring weather can take their toll on your house. Wind can lift and blow away shingles. Freeze/thaw cycles can damage your chimney and flashings that keep water out of your home.

If you had ice dams and icicles over the winter, investigate where heat is leaking from your home. Adequate insulation and ventilation correct many of these problems. Bonus: the insulation will help keep your home cooler in the summer!

Service the AC

Outdoor air conditioning condensers are usually tucked out of sight because, well, they’re just not attractive. Go take a look at yours and to see:

  • Did you put a cover on last fall? Now’s the time to take it off. Running your AC system with a cover over the condenser could cause severe damage.
  • Are the panels in place? Wind and freeze/thaw action can dislodge them.
  • Is there any debris on the outdoor coil or in the fins? Clean them out carefully; the fins are easy to bend out of shape.

As always, take care when doing any home maintenance. If a job is too big or you don’t feel safe doing it, call an expert for help.

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