4th of July fun facts


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How are you celebrating the 4th?

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Trivia to share with friends and family at your Independence Day celebrations.

How much do we spend on July 4th food?

We’re big spenders on this big holiday; last year Americans spent $6.8 billion on July 4th food. This covers the 150 million hot dogs we eat over the holiday. (Source: Wallethub)

How do fireworks get their color?

Did you ever wonder how fireworks get their brilliant hues? It’s a result of chemistry and the use of metal salts. Strontium carbonate makes red, and copper chloride creates blue. Pellets that range in size from peas to plums are packed into lift charges that carry them to the sky to explode. Learn more from EarthSky.

Who invented fireworks?

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the Chinese invented the firework but Italians came up with the aerial shell to send them skyward and added color.

The meaning of our flag’s colors

There is no official reason for the red, white and blue of the Stars and Stripes, AARP reports. Since our heritage is intertwined with the UK’s, it’s not surprising that our flag has the same colors as their Union Jack. Discover more truths about the American flag.

When was the 4th declared a holiday?

While independence was declared in 1776, our young country had some growing to do before celebrations of July 4th became common. The Library of Congress says observation of Independence Day only became widespread after the War of 1812. Congress passed a law making it a federal holiday in 1870.

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson was the principal author but he had input from others. The collaborative effort included John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman. Revisions by Franklin and Adams were incorporated by Jefferson into the final draft. Discover more about the Declaration from History.com.

How much has our country grown?

The U.S. census shows that 2.5 million people lived in the U.S. at the birth of our nation in 1776. Today, our population is over 328 million—that’s 131 times more people!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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How are you celebrating the 4th?

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