5 ways a loan can help you have the best summer ever


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The dog days of summer are here! The heat index is somewhere between “Death Valley, California,” and “surface of the sun.” Air-conditioned cabin fever is setting in, and you know you need to get out. A day out to the community pool or a water park might help in the short term, but why not plan ahead and schedule some long-term summer fun?

A loan from Consumers Credit Union can help! Here are five ways you can pave the way to adventure and prevent heat exhaustion!

1. Purchase a vacation home

Are you feeling stuck in the city? Claustrophobic in the country? A vacation home might be for you! You can change the scenery and find a haven of relaxation alongside a lake, up in a mountain or anywhere else your heart desires. Zillow has great information on what it takes to prepare for a vacation home loan. Or, if you’re ready to take the plunge, we have great loans to help you!

2. Buy a motorcycle

Need to get out and enjoy the weather, but don’t want to commit to a new home? A motorcycle loan might be for you! Cruise down the highways and byways with the two-wheeled vehicle of your choice. Stop by a local ice cream shop for a double scoop waffle cone after a long day at the beach and then motor home into the sunset and sleep in your own bed. Check out our great rates for your newest bike!

3. Get recreational with an RV

Split the difference between a new home or motorcycle and take a look at the latest RVs! Travel with all the comforts of home. Enjoy breakfast at your table in Missouri, eat lunch on the road in Kansas and then say goodnight to the stars in Colorado. Get the details about your RV loan here.

4. Take a vacation

A vacation can be a breath of fresh air – especially if you’re escaping from the humidity and heat of West Michigan. Take in the sights and make some family memories with a trip of a lifetime. We offer vacation loans for anyone who feels like now is the time to get away and relax.

5. Update your home

Feel like sticking around home? Perfect! With a home equity loan you can increase your comfort with all those summer home improvement projects you know you want to do. Head on over to our home equity page and get started today!

No matter what you do or how you approach today and all the summers to come, we hope you truly enjoy yourself!

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