Avoid holiday shopping stress next year–open a Christmas Savings account!


Photo of red, brown and white Christmas presents

Holiday expenses can often take us by surprise or overwhelm us. Whatever your budget may be for next year, take a few minutes now and open a Christmas Savings Account. That way you’ll be less stressed and on budget this time next year.

A Christmas Savings Account allows you to put away a small amount of money each week, each payday, each month – whatever schedule you want to create – so you don’t have to stretch your budget when the holiday shopping begins.

You can set up direct deposit with payroll allotment so the savings is automatic and worry-free. You’ll earn a dividend on your savings balance, and you won’t have to rely on credit cards to purchase your holiday gifts. Make sure you include decorating and entertaining expenses, too, when you determine your savings goal.

Click here to set up your Christmas savings account or call one of our experienced representatives at 800.991.2221, and we’ll have you set up in minutes.

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