Bathroom design trends for 2018


Bathroom with a freestanding tub and glass shower stall

Whether you’re looking for a simple upgrade or a complete remodel, the hottest trends in home bath design reflect increasing homeowner demand for high-tech, comfort and convenience.

High IQ baths

Like every other room in the house, the bathroom has gone high-tech with smart devices that adapt to your preferences.

Imagine turning on your shower before you get out of bed! Using voice commands with a controller like Siri or Alexa, you can turn on your shower from another room and set it to the temperature you want. Some smart showers pause the water flow when the desired temperature is reached to save water and energy.

High-tech toilets have seat warmers, automatic lid openers and slow close features. (No more arguments about the lid up or down!) Some are also equipped with wireless music players that turn on when the lid is opened and turn off when the lid is shut.

Automatic faucets, long popular in commercial settings, are being added to residential bathrooms in greater numbers.

Freestanding tubs gain popularity

Oversize showers and steam showers edged out whirlpool baths over the last few years, but one-person standalone bathtubs are trending now. Whether you go for traditional or modern design, a freestanding tub makes a dramatic focal point.

Windows, alcoves and skylights are just some of the elements designers use to highlight these luxurious soaking spaces.

No more cold feet

Have you ever been jolted awake by a cold floor under your feet? Then you’ll be interested in underfloor heating that can be installed under many materials, including tile, concrete, vinyl and wood. Heated floors are more popular than ever.

Vanities that open visual space

A wall-mounted vanity that doesn’t reach to the floor opens the space visually. All the plumbing is hidden, adding to the crisp, clean look. A floating vanity can be ultra-minimal with just a sink, or it can have built-in storage. Either way, it makes a small space feel bigger.

Warmer-looking fixtures

The modern look of gleaming chrome fixtures is giving way to brass and gold tones in 2018. Satin and matte finishes show fewer fingerprints and water spots, too. Look for this warmer tone in lighting and around mirrors as well.

A fridge in the bathroom?
Some luxury bathrooms now include mini refrigerators. They’re used for everything from beverages to medication to organic facial products.

The beautiful look of greige

Blend beige and grey and you get a new, versatile neutral: greige. When mixed with more beige, it’s a warm tone. Amp up the gray and you get a cooler tone. Greige is easier to work with than traditional beige or gray. Plus, it goes great with the newest neutral color palettes infused with organic blues, greens and browns.

Which of these trends are on your bathroom wish list?

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