5 unexpected bathroom design ideas


Big or small, bathrooms are the perfect place to make a stunning design statement.

Planning on updating your bathroom? Play it too safe and you’ll end up with boring. Here are five bold and unexpected design ideas.

Play up the vanity

Vanities play a supporting role, literally and figuratively. Painting your vanity in a bold, bright color is one way to keep a neutral palette from becoming too dull. See the look in vibrant green.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

There’s nothing unusual about a mirror in the bath. Mirrored walls, however, can instantly make a small bathroom appear brighter and larger. See the look that instantly adds glamor.

Statement art

One oversized statement piece or a carefully curated collection of art can transform the and feel of any bath.

If you display art in the bathroom, keep in mind that humidity can endanger your artwork. It’s wiser to go with inexpensive pieces and make sure the exhaust fan gets used when showering. See the look in these art-filled bathrooms.

Take tile to a new level

If you have the guts to do it, bold tiles make a lasting statement. Graphic patterns in color or black and white become dramatic focal points. Geometric tile shapes like hexagons are both classic and daring. And, tile of natural stones feels cozier than ceramic tiles. See the look of trending tiles here and here.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

Spa-inspired black bathrooms invite relaxation instantly and feel indulgent. Go all black or mix black with a palette of grays for an elegant look and feel. Plus, in a black bathroom, lighting becomes more dramatic than ever.

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