Friday Five Business Briefing – April 14, 2017


Three sets of arms writing in ledgers, analyzing line graphs, and typing on a laptop

A quick roundup of articles and resources to help you run your business better.

  1. It wasn’t pretty on United’s flight 3411 when a 69-year old man was forcibly removed. Dave Crenshaw attributes the action as employees blindly committing to a course of action and covers how to avoid a United incident at your company.
  1. Hey, Twitter! There’s a new kid on the block called Mastadon. This new social network “avoids the risks of a single company monopolizing your conversation” and allows 500 characters per post, GIFV (GIFs in video format) and short videos. Time will tell if it thrives or goes extinct.
  1. Jump into Facebook advertising with this infographic guide for small businesses.
  1. Did you put off your taxes and work until late in the night? Here are 6 ways to stay awake, energized and focused without caffeine.
  1. How do can you stand out among clickbait and outright lies? Rob Frappier, a content strategists says be authentic, think like a journalist and let others tell your story. Read it all here.

Thank you to our Friday Five Sources: Dave Crenshaw via LinkedIn, The Verge, Headway Capital, Entrepreneur, and Weebly.


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