Business Briefing: Attract attention on Small Business Saturday and beyond


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Big business may own Black Friday and Cyber Monday but Small Business Saturday is when local businesses shine. This day builds awareness of the stores, restaurants and businesses that support our local communities. Here are tips for getting more attention for your small business November 25 and all year long.

Create a personal experience

People still visit brick-and-mortar stores because there’s something there they can’t get online: a personal experience that fully immerses them.

Create an experience customers will tell others about with enthusiasm. In this area, small businesses have a competitive edge over bigger ones because they can provide a personal touch.

Make sure people feel good about your business by:

  • Greeting customers with a warm welcome
  • Creating ambiance with music and scents
  • Sharing the story that you want them to repeat

Build partnerships

Get to know your fellow local merchants. When you don’t have an item a customer needs, refer them to a local business that does.

Team up with fellow business owners to cross promote each other’s business. If you’re a florist, you might join forces with a wine shop. Look for partnerships with businesses where your customers naturally shop.

Get the word out

Tap into the energy of Small Business Saturday on November 25 by including the hashtags #ShopSmall and #DineSmall in your tweets.

Encourage social media sharing

Build online buzz by requesting that customers post about your business or service using specific hashtags. Give them a bit of direction. If you’re a restaurant, encourage them to take pics of their favorite dish and say why they love it. Sweeten the pot by making it a contest and offering a gift card to the winner.

Make your displays share-worthy. Create something that inspires awe and delight. Make it so customers can’t resist taking pictures and posting them on social media.

Go old school, too
Social media is a great way to connect with customers but don’t overlook the value of

handwritten thank you notes. They’re a great way to stay top-of-mind even after the holidays. A personal note sent through snail mail will stand out as an especially bright and memorable moment in your customer’s day.

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