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Personalized customer service sways Gale Plumbing to switch to Consumers

While “the guys” at Gale Plumbing keep customers’ pipes flowing, Office Manager Amy DeWeerd keeps the cash flowing. Amy makes the deposits, handles payroll processing and makes sure the bills are paid.

For years, she used a local bank for her business banking accounts and enjoyed personalized service. But that bank was bought by a bigger bank and the personal touch disappeared.

“No one at the new bank was our contact; we were just a number. We got lost in the mix,” Amy said.

Despite the decline in service, Amy was hesitant to change banks.

The challenge of switching banks

“I have a hard time switching banks,” she said. “I have to make sure all the ACH accounts are set up for employees and suppliers, as well as tax payments and utilities. And then you have to get the timing right to make sure all payments have cleared so nothing bounces!”

About two years ago Amy learned about Consumers when she bought a new van for personal use. The dealership set up her car financing through Consumers. Her experience with the loan was so good that a year later when her husband needed a new truck, they went to Consumers for that auto loan, too.

While signing for the new loan at the Holland office, Amy said she was impressed with Julie, her loan officer.

“It was a great experience. She knew what she was doing and made it so easy.”

So, when Amy noticed a sign promoting Money Market accounts, she asked Julie about business banking. Julie quickly connected her with two of our Grand Rapids Business Development Managers, Jeremy and Adam.

Swayed by local, personable service

Amy was swayed to switch banks when Jeremy and Adam came to her office to show her the advantages of business banking with Consumers.

“I like that Consumers is local. It’s personable. I was really impressed with the Money Market interest-bearing account and competitive fees for ACH and Business Checking,” she said.

The switch was nearly seamless, except for a glitch with Remote Deposit processing. However, it was another opportunity for Amy to see how dedicated the Consumers staff is to helping her succeed.

“Until we got our Remote Deposit scanner working that first week, Adam came by each day to be our courier and make the deposits.”

“There is nothing that feels better than being able to provide exceptional service and have so much fun at the same time!” Adam added, explaining how Consumers was dedicated to making Gale Plumbing’s banking transition as easy as possible.

Amy loves that the level of personal service she receives remains consistent.

“If I have a question, they get back to me the same day. Adam and Jeremy work as a team. If one is not there, the other covers for him.”

“I love working with Mike Gale [the owner] and Amy at Gale Plumbing!” Jeremy said. “They run a wonderful company, and we are thrilled they chose us.”

We love having Gale Plumbing as part of the Consumers family! If you’re a business owner or manager who’d like to bank with folks who care about your business as much as you do, call us at 800.991.2221. We’re here to help you grow your business!


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Pictured: (l to r) Consumers’ Adam Leavesley; Gale Plumbing Office Manager Amy DeWeerd; Gale Plumbing Owner Mike Gale; and Consumers’ Jeremy Prins


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