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Learn how to identify and partition spaces in your home for work, school, play and relaxation.

For many of us, home feels cramped since we started working and schooling at home earlier this year. In an ideal situation, you’d have separate rooms dedicated to specific activities. While some families have moved to larger homes to get the space they need, that’s not an option for everyone. However, in even the smallest homes, you can carve out spaces for work, school, play and relaxation. One way is to create niches in existing spaces by using partitions.

Look at your space with new eyes

One of the reasons a home is so comfortable is because we’re used to it. We see it and move through the space on autopilot. We also overlook that the space could be used differently.

When you’re looking for ways to create new spaces, look at your home with new eyes. Pretend you’re looking at your house as buyer; what would you change to make the space work better for your current needs? If this is hard to do, enlist a friend or hire a designer to help re-envision the space.

Evaluate your space in terms of how you could rearrange things. Is there furniture that’s seldom used that could be sold or given away to create more space? Would downsizing certain items free up space? Is your storage space filled with things you’ll never use again?

Re-think how you use all your spaces, including the basement, garage, attic and outbuildings.

Create boundaries

Once you’ve identified one or more spaces, you’ll need a way to partition the space. A quick way to define a space is with room dividers.

Freestanding folding screens and panels are the easiest to add. There are a lot of ready-made options like shoji screens and shutters, as well as those with art prints and canvases ready for the masterpiece you create.

Another option is to separate spaces from the top down. A drapery rod and curtain allow you to quickly close off or open up a space. Hanging panels come in a variety of styles from bamboo and laser cut materials to transparent and opaque options.

Room dividers can radically change how your space looks, feels, and functions. Their flexibility allows for a great degree of creativity to reflect your style. Plus, there are options for nearly every budget. With all this going for room dividers, why not give them a try?

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Consumers home loans

We’d love to help you with a mortgage or home equity line of credit.

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