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A home security system can bring tremendous peace of mind whether you DIY or contract with a service. Either way, do your homework first.

Do your homework before you DIY

Lots of homeowners successfully install security systems themselves. Before you get started, study up on the devices and services available. New technology means more options than ever. CNET has reviews of the best DIY devices of 2017, including kits, light fixtures and cameras.

When installing cameras make sure you get the best focal point for your cameras. If the aim is off, you could have blind spots. Also, be sure cameras focus on the correct spots.

Who monitors the system?

Consider whether you want to monitor the system yourself (usually via a smartphone app) or contract for a monthly service. One key advantage to a service is the ability to place immediate 911 calls.

Research service providers and contractors

Again, do your homework first! Make sure you use a reputable company. Also, be sure to vet the contractor who does the installation. You don’t want your new system compromised by an unscrupulous installer.

What’s the ROI?

There’s no definite monetary figure on ROI for home security systems. There is, however, great value in deterring theft. Most break-ins result in forcible entry and broken glass, so you save by avoiding damage and theft. Plus, you have to factor in the feeling of security for yourself and your loved ones.

When evaluating the cost, consider installation expenses as well as monthly fees that might be required.

Beyond simple alarms

Home security systems have advanced in recent years to become part of home automation, making homes smart. For example, a fire alarm could simultaneously notify 911, unlock the front door and shut down your HVAC so smoke is not dispersed throughout your home. You can also link your doorbell to a smartphone app and talk to the person at the front door while you’re away.

Whether you install a basic set-up or a sophisticated system, a security system can help protect your home and loved ones, and provide tremendous peace of mind.

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