Friday Five Business Briefing – August 11, 2017


A quick roundup of resources to help you run your business better – including job trends.

  1. Business Insider says the jobs numbers aren’t as good as they first appear. One reason is because 7.6 million workers held multiple jobs last month. That’s up 2% over last year. Many workers are doing multiple gigs because no single job provides sufficient income – a sign of slack in the job market.
  2. Growth of the offshore services industry (read: jobs) is projected to average 8% annually over the next five years, down from 15%. Yet some companies like Nexient are hiring workers in the Midwest – including our fair state – to tap skilled people where the cost of living is lower than high-tech hubs like the Bay Area and New York.
  3. Meanwhile, some jobs are headed straight down automation alley. Check out this list of 12 jobs robots are taking over the fastest.
  4. Everything that can be delegated should be delegated according to Jenny Blake in Harvard Business Review. Use her six T’s to determine what you should offload to other members of your team.
  5. Thinking outside of the box means selling right out of the box! Uniqlo has rolled out vending machines that dispense down puffer coats at the Oakland, Calif., airport and has plans for more. Could vending machines at GRR or AZO work for your product?

Thank you to our Friday Five sources: Business Insider, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review and The Cut.

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